FW: Prody Parrot

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 12:37:52 -0700

Even though I haven't broadcast an episode of my radio show the Cyberspace
Report for over 4 years now, I still get press releases because of it.
Here's one that caught my eye. So, is this brilliant like MS's paperclip,
or really dumb like Bob? Or perhaps in the middle, neither here nor there.

- Jim

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Subject: Prody Parrot

Prody Parrot will be in stores NEXT WEEK!!! If you have not already
checked out Prody Parrot, the time is now!!!

Prody Parrot is artificial intelligence software that talks and interacts
with users. He's an animated parrot that sits on the desktop and uses
voice recognition to interact and carry out your commands.

Users can simply ask Prody to navigate PC programs, monitor favorite
stocks, browse the Web and play games. Prody Parrot can call friends and
associates over the Internet using its built in Internet telephone. In
addition, Prody can act autonomously on the user's behalf, taking messages,
issuing meeting reminders, warning of unexpected events on the stock market
and reporting new events or weather.

Prody will sell for $99 and will be in CompUSA stores next week.

Contact me if you need additional information, artwork or product to

Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn
312/297-9001 ext. 4