Re: [Slate] American Religious fervor, by the numbers

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 07:23:25 -0700

Godel's theorem. Any system (or universe) can be proven either
consistent or complete, but not both. Once you can formalize a universe,
then you can prove that there's always something outside of it.


Tom Whore wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Jeff Bone wrote:
> --]
> --]Last Xmas, I saw a book in the bookstore that was (I believe) some bona
> --]fide mathematician's opus, in which he supposedly mathematically proved
> --]the existance of God and an afterlife. I thought, what I
> --]psuedoscientific hoot, and what a spectacular way to commit career
> --]suicide! Anyway, I was thinking it might be worth a few chuckles...
> --]problem is, I don't know what it was, who the guy was, and I'm at a
> --]loss.
> --]
> The only thing i can think of is the book that was out Revealing the Code
> of the Torah.
> Not sure that is what you are after
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