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From: by way of Rohit Khare (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 16:10:09 PDT

[Congratulations -- it sounds like we'd have a fascinating
conversation someday soon...perhaps even in Bangalore... welcome to
the club! --RK]

Have been reading your archived list for more than 2.5
years now, and have for some unknown fateful reason,
suddenly decided to surface. Oxygen, oxygen...

Well, not for so very unknown reasons - but I guess you do require
some noise to send up the value of signals in the list! :-)

I have been a drifter all my life and was a blast furnace
operator, process modeller, banker, deadtrees translator-publisher,
manufacturer of current transformers to sewing thread, contract
programmer etc in my earlier avatars... Am currently an indentured
slave of Hughes Software in Bangalore/ India, working (presumably)
on dist-obj, interactive distance learning, f/ws and all.

And I like the spirit of irreverant FoRKers and the "infinitely
deep zen of scheme" (schemejitsu?) and the fact that
"30-somethings" (am 35) can act like 10-somethings *and* even getaway
with honours on this list... ;-)

Alea jacta est.


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