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From: I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory (baisley@fnal.gov)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 06:42:17 PDT

From: KnowYourTables <guy@knowyourtables.com>

I just installed a speech recognition program on my PC. This is the result
of my first dictation - if you don't recognise it, read it out loud. I put
in the line breaks by hand, otherwise it is exactly as it came out on the

    Jackal What He

Was Milligan and the slight detour move so,
did Chiron gamble in the way.
All members see whether borrowers
and the mow morass at Craven.

Be where the job to walk my son,
The Jules that political laws that catch.
Beware the jug jug bed,
and she and other free meals and banned the snatched.

He took his baubles sword in hand,
long time the Manx and so he sought
then arrested he by the time and time trees,
and stood awhile him for what.

And as in a fish thought he stirred
of the Jaguar, with a rise of flame
came whistling for room at the talk you would
and bubbled as it came.

And what a chance to do and what a chance to
avert for Paul glade went sticker slacker
he left it dead and with its head
it came of the lumping back.

And hast thou slave over a job or walk
comes to my arms 0 peevish bawdy
oh Frank joyous jury Callow Calais
he chortled in his jury.

Towards grid lake and a slight vetoes
did Diana and the gamble Ian of the wage
Bill all my muesli were of the borrowings
and of the moment rafts out gravy per.

This text is copyright Guy Snape 2000. You may distribute it on the net,
print or photocopy it freely, so long as you include this copyright notice
and my website address: www.knowyourtables.com



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