Magi Server v0.5 Beta Release 1 - Beta testers wanted!

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 15:28:27 PDT

              Magi Server v0.5 Beta Release 1

4/4/2000 - Endeavors Technology is proud to announce
the initial beta release of Version 0.5 of its open source,
Apache-based, personal desktop Web server software. Magi combines
HTTP-based buddy and presence information with dynamic
WebDAV access controls to allow users, their buddies, or agents to
share, remotely author, or synchronize documents and data
across a variety of machines--even if they are connected to the
Internet through a dialup or behind a firewall.

More information is available at
In addition, several mailing lists have been set up:

              magi-announce - List for announcements of Magi news and releases.
              magi-bugs - Address for sending sending magi bug reports (and fixes).
              magi-builds - Notification, status, history of nightly builds.
              magi-discuss - General discussion of Magi features and uses.
              magi-dev - List for Magi developers.

As this is an initial beta-release, we are seeking beta testers and comments.
The site currently has binary installs for Win32 platforms, but several
unix variants are forthcoming. All code is designed to compile and run on most


The Magi Team

About Magi (

What is Magi?

           Simply stated, Magi is a personal Web server that
           allows users to easily store and retrieve information.
           A Magi server restricts who has access to download
           and view files using a buddy list. Users can share and synchronize information on
           their own desktop, laptop, or palmtop using a Magi server from anywhere as if it
           were a local directory.

What is the Magi Project?

           The Magi Project is an open source effort to standardize the personal Web
           server components, tools, and protocol extensions to build Internet-scale
           electronic services. These e-services can be constructed from Web applications
           that speak the same HTTP methods. Magi uses HTTP, WebDAV, XML, and
           other evolving Web technologies to accomplish this. Applications built in the Magi
           style enjoy the network-effect of being interoperable with current Web
           applications as well as future smart applications that take advantage of the Web's
           more collaborative extensions.

           The Magi Project hopes to open new doors for developers building and
           deploying Internet-scale applications involving notification, knowledge
           management, mobile agents, file sharing, data synchronization, automated content
           publishing, e-commerce, e-business, and more.

What can it do for me? Why would I need a Magi server?

           Today the Web is mostly read-only. Putting an HTTP server on every desktop
           and device turns the Web into your own personal Extranet. Not only can you
           access your data from any device at hand, you can edit your information in place
           and automatically share it across any Web device.

               o Access a work file from home rather than emailing it back and forth to
                 yourself--even if it's behind a firewall.
               o Edit in place an original file rather than managing multiple copies.
               o Publish documents or other content from your favorite browser or office
                 tools to your own Magi server.
               o Drag and drop files between your work, home, laptop, and other Magi
                 devices and manage the handoff of the files if they aren't immediately online.
               o Find important documents and information by quickly searching just the
                 particular machines, not the whole Web.
               o Identify changes to files on a remote machine or laptop--even if it's using a
                 dynamic IP dialup without it having to explicitly update to a shared server.
               o Control who gets to view and download your files.
               o Synchronize your bookmarks, addresses, or other information across a
                 variety of Web devices.
               o Notify a coworker or buddy by sending a multimedia short-message from
                 any Web device.
               o Handoff online documents and work to coworkers or buddies.
               Determine whether or not a document has been downloaded or received.

How does it work? How does it help me build Web apps?

           Magi is a full-featured, fully-configurable, highly-customizable application server
           that becomes an event destination for any client-to-server or server-to-server call.
           There are thousands of tool integrations, software modules, protocol extensions,
           and application add-ons that can be incorporated. Magi helps Web application
           developers overcome several problems.

               o Application Servers are difficult to configure & update; Magi makes the
                 configuration and construction of XML and Java distributed apps easier.
               o Dialup clients typically can't run a Web server because they are allocated
                 dynamic IP addresses; initiating a server-to-client callback is difficult without
                 Magi 's dynamic DNS registration and URL name mapping.
               o Web security & access control is a difficult task; Magi provides the XML
                 tools and interfaces to accomplish this dynamically.
               o Size typically limits HTTP services to run solely on a fixed machine with lots
                 of memory; the Magi Project's goal is to componentize the Apache HTTP
                 server to reduce the runtime size such that it fits on all Web-capable

Yes, but, how is that done?

           The technology to do this is available in a variety of existing Web protocols, open
           source projects, and software installations that you are probably already using.
           Configuring these technologies is well beyond the abilities of all but the most
           technical webmasters or programmers. Magi makes the installation, configuration,
           customization, and use of these technologies easier.

            In particular, Magi implementations can be built using and may include:

               o Apache HTTP Server
               o Java, Java Servlet Interfaces, & Graphical User Interface Components
               o XML & Document Object Model and Management
               o Distributed Authoring and Versioning Protocol & Dynamic Access Controls
               o Buddy and Presence Information Management
               o Dynamic IP Registration and URL redirection
               o XML messaging engines and formats
               o Default Security Management of Document Directories & Services

The Magi Project is sponsored by:

              Endeavors Technnology, Inc.
              Tadpole Technology, PLC
              Magi Software Consulting

           Magi includes software developed by the Apache Software
           Foundation ( Copyright (c) 2000 The Apache
           Software Foundation. All rights reserved.

           Magi includes software developed by the Java Apache Project for
           use in the Apache JServ Servlet Engine <>.
           Copyright (c) 1997-1999 The Java Apache Project. All rights reserved.

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