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From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 21:40:00 PST

Hi, I'm new and it is probably bad of me to make such a lame post my
first time out, but hey what can you do when you need a client side plug-
in developer, eh? To make up for it I point out for those
not aware, 1 gbit for $6500 a month in Seattle area now.

Position would preferrably be in Atlanta, this is a well funded startup
nearing end of alpha of their software, you would be employee #5. Also
looking for Netscape and/or Mac client side specialists in near future.


Plug-in/Browser Companion Programmer. If you can look at something like Alexa (, ICQ-Surf, or Third Voice and think, 'Hey, I could write that,' then you're the person we want.

Duties & Responsibilities: Plug-in Programmer. Experience coding browser companion or plug-ins similar in design & scope to such applications as Alexa (, Third Voice (, Yahoo companion, or ICQ-Surf ( MS Windows/COM programmer with experience writing COM or ActiveX plugins for IE and Netscape in C++ or Delphi. Client-side Java experience a big plus. The ideal candidate will have designed and developed advanced browser plug-ins.

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