[OLD BITS] Worm Warning

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From: Udhay Shankar N (udhay@pobox.com)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 01:29:11 PST


         Date: 11-31-88 (24:60) Number: 32769
         To: ALL Refer#: NONE
         From: ROBERT MORRIS III Read: (N/A)

         Warning: There's a new virus on the loose that's worse than
         anything I've seen before! It gets in through the power line,
         riding on the powerline 60 Hz subcarrier. It works by changing the
         serial port pinouts, and by reversing the direction one's disks
         spin. Over 300,000 systems have been hit by it here in Murphy,
         West Dakota alone! And that's just in the last 12 minutes.

Somehow, (always assuming the above is really by Robert Morris, even though
it's a spoof warning) the idea of a worm warning from this particular
source is both funny and scary at the same time...


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