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From: Comet (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 23:15:53 PST

Poor misunderstood Al. Oh, how I want to go into a rant about this...
not that it matters at all. Ppl will either vote by informed cognition
or by some sort of ephemeral affiliation. That is your/their right
under our imperfect tho much-beloved form of government. Do not
suppose that I am a party hard-liner. I was quite taken with John
McCain (despite disagreeing with a couple of his personal rights'
stances) all the while being deeply offended by much of George Dubya's
shallow, inflammatory rhetoric. In concert with these personal
prejudices, I am on alert for indications from Gore that he might
acquiesce to the DOJ and other policing guvment agencies to codify
intrusions upon Internet privacy. In the longview, all that will do is
drive the fascists out of the light into the shadows. I would far
rather see clearly my enemies than be shielded from their existence or
poke around in the dark illicit corners to discover them. Popular
media issues such as protecting children from porn or predators...
well, like everything else to do with the proper rearing of children,
should be under the watchful eyes of the child's family influence...
lacking that or, ideally, in addition to that, under the eyes of the
child's community. I know of this benefit by firsthand experience.

Moreover, I am not William Jefferson Clinton's foremost cheerleader
but I would love to have seen what his administration could have done
if he had not been under attack. The beauty of our form of government
is that if he had truly sucked in the leadership role he had, at most,
only eight years to suck.

Begging for a FoRK boot cuz of lack of techno content,


Eugene Leitl wrote:
> I'm unable to find the post in defense of Al Gore (in regards to his
> "invention of the Internet") to back up my claim on another list.
> Not that I'm a personal fan of the man, but imo at least the digerati
> should now.
> Sorry for poor searching skills. Can someone help?

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