Roundup Proposal: Requesting Your Comments

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From: Ka-Ping Yee (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 22:20:31 PST

I hope this isn't bad form, but i am about to ask a favour.
Perhaps you will actually find these ideas interesting to think
about. If you have some time i would really appreciate hearing
your thoughts.

A group called the "Software Carpentry project" is holding a
design competition for open-source software. I'm putting
together an entry for the Issue Tracking category, described at

My entry is based on the "Roundup" system that i hacked together
last year, and we've been using it here at ILM since then.
Here it is:

I would really like to know what you think of the proposed design,
and encourage you to comment on the paper either in e-mail to me
or with Crit.

    - Could you imagine using such a system?
    - What do you like or dislike about it? What would you change?
    - Would it have all the capabilities you would want?
    - Are the usability goals of the design met for you?
    - Is the language of the paper clear and concise?

Please don't hesitate to ask me about anything that isn't clear
in the paper so i can make it easier to understand.

The deadline for the paper is tomorrow, March 31, so if you don't
have time before then please don't worry about it. Whatever you
do have time for is fantastic -- a few quick dashed-off comments
are better than no comments at all.

If i've included anyone who's also intending to submit an entry,
please accept my apologies!

with a thousand humble thanks,

-- ?!ng

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