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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 16:43:17 PST

Rohit Khare wrote:

> David Rensin, CTO at Aether Systems, a handheld infrastructure
> developer in Owings Mills, Md., ignited a fierce debate at this
> week's Mobile Insights conference in Palm Desert, Calif., when he
> declared that "WAP is dead."

Splitting the WAP. WTP is dead and will never
be deployed--WML is alive and well. Descriptions of
a 4 line cell phone and 8 line display are much exaggerated.
You'd be amazed what some implementations can fit on to a tiny
screen. As to having to rewrite the Web pages, have you seen
the content that goes through AvantGo? It's all automatable.
> "The problem [with WAP] is content. Redoing a Web page for multiple
> sites on different devices is a nightmare," according to Rensin.
Crybaby. Build a tool.

> "I want to write XML and have XML in my business applications. To
> their credit [WAP is] opening [e-business] for low bandwidth devices,
> but moving forward it is a different story," said Phil Holden, group
> product manager for Windows CE at Microsoft.
Cool. Somone should built an embedded XML viewer. I wonder
what Opera and Spyglass are doing these daze? Here's my solution:

< Content-Type: application/xml

> Content-Type: text/plain  

> "I wouldn't go so far as to say WAP is dead. Ding dong.

> But the idea that an IT > manager or Webmaster should have to learn WML to create a WAP site is > hogwash," said Rob Enderle, chief analyst at Giga Information, in San > Jose, Calif. "The idea that WML replaces HTML is silly." Hmmm. What about the whole card indexing thing? Maybe the current Web content developers could learn something about building sites.

The two best things WAP does is 1) create a different mind set by using a different mime type, 2) allowing a download of a disconnected stack of small screen Web pages that don't have a lot of consumer yahoo bloatware embedded in their html and it makes content designers think about how they package their bits.

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