Collab.Net News: Marc Andreessen Joins Collab.Net Board of Directors

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Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 06:01:45 PST

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SAN FRANCISCO -- March 28, 2000 - Collab.Net, a leading provider of
collaborative services for creating new open source markets, today
announced that Marc Andreessen, chairman and co-founder of Loudcloud, has
joined the board of directors for the company. Andreessen, co-founder of
Netscape Communications and former chief technology officer of America
Online, Inc., joins five other open source industry leaders on the
Collab.Net board.

The Collab.Net board of directors includes: Brian Behlendorf, CTO of
Collab.Net and co-founder of the Apache software foundation; Kevin Harvey,
general partner, Benchmark Capital; Mark P. Jacobsen, vice president of new
ventures, O'Reilly & Associates; Tim O'Reilly, founder and president,
O'Reilly & Associates; and Bill Portelli, chairman of the board, president,
and CEO of Collab.Net.

"We are pleased to welcome Marc Andreessen to the Collab.Net board of
directors and we look forward to the insight and expertise he will bring to
Collab.Net as we move forward," said Bill Portelli, president and CEO of
Collab.Net. "Marc will be a great asset to our board. In addition to
being an Internet leader and visionary, he is also a strong supporter of
the open source community."
"I've been a believer in the open source business model for a long
time. Open source software models have the potential to dramatically
change the economics of the software industry and therefore, the way in
which corporations must think about their strategies and markets," said
Marc Andreessen. "I'm excited to join Collab.Net because of their unique
approach in bringing the collaborative techniques of open source
development to the corporate marketplace. I look forward to working with
the other members of the Collab.Net board and in taking a proactive role in
guiding the company."

Collab.Net combines its open source expertise with a variety of tools and
services that address all components of the development cycle. The company
offers a wide range of open source
Andreessen Joins Collab.Net Board
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professional services, which facilitate the hosting and lifecycle
management of projects and the creation of new communities around open
source technologies. sourceXchange, the first service from Collab.Net, is
the premier, collaborative marketplace for open source software development
over the Internet.

About Marc Andreessen
Prior to co-founding Loudcloud in September 1999, Marc Andreessen served as
chief technology officer of America Online, Inc. where he guided the
technological direction of the world's leading interactive services and
Internet company.

As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Andreessen
created the first prototype of the Mosaic browser with a team of students
and staff at the University's National Center for Supercomputing
Applications (NCSA).

After graduating from college, Andreessen joined former Silicon Graphics
chairman, Jim Clark, to launch Netscape Communications. As chief technology
officer and later executive vice president of products for Netscape,
Andreessen played a critical role in guiding the company's hypergrowth and
was the driving force behind many strategic initiatives, including
releasing the Netscape browser's source code to the open source
community. Andreessen also serves on the board of directors for Loudcloud;
Accompany, Inc; and Cacheflow.

About Collab.Net
Collab.Net is a leader in creating new open source markets by combining
open source community expertise with business excellence. By utilizing the
essential collaborative processes of the open source community, Collab.Net
supplies customers with products and services that facilitate
well-organized, open source development. Collab.Net provides a developer
marketplace, hosting services with development lifecycle management
capabilities and professional services to facilitate collaborative, open
source software development among a worldwide community of
developers. Customers using Collab.Net open source services include ASP
and Internet firms, hardware and software providers, as well as companies
from industries such as marketing and publishing. Brian Behlendorf,
co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, co-founded Collab.Net in July
1999. For more information, see
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