Re: 2 Welsh Hackers arrested for stealing 26K credit cards

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Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 17:25:40 PST

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<< ON a side note: Its getting kind of scary when I can turn on NPR and hear a
 hacker bust as major news... Although, being entirely selfish, it makes the
 desire to get my law degree (computer law ) that much more a focused

If you'd listened to NPR's Talk of the Nation Science Frieday today, you
might have been pricked to consider patent law. Of interest:
discussion/derision of Amazon's one-click patent (which Amazon guilelessly
defended as worthy due to the great expense of development and non-triviality
of process (triviality and "obviousness" being what was criticized)) and Jeff
Bezos' offer to help fund an online database of prior art for internet
commerce patents. A similar biotech database is privately funded, as would be
Bezos', I was surprised to learn.

(The old bit came up about the laser-pointer-cat-exercise-patent as an
example of trash patent.)


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