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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 12:14:12 PST

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Eugene Leitl wrote:

--]Did you knew that in the streets of Moscow, and even in on the MGU
--]campus itself, they're selling CDROMs packed full with expensive
--]cracked commercial warez...

Even in places like NYC there were, and possibly still are, sections of
stores in various neighborhoods where in you can saunter up to a list and
with thrtee points of a finger walk out with the entire collection of MS
products and the 3 lattests distros of other oses with apps and goodies.

I had a buddy back in the early 90's who would mule for a few of us on his
demiregular trips over to the AsainWarez Conglomerates.

Nowadays its called usenet and DSL. I gota tell you, even by my standard
Usenet is a cornicopia of the jauerz.

Music and old time radio shows, shit i dont even want to tell yall how
many Caselogics black tomes i have packed witht he goods. To get some
small idea, the old time radio by itself is well over 100 cds.

Thnak god I got Dsl last year, before i started doiing the relationship
tango. As it is I have enough stuffs to keep me in listening and playing
fun for a while.

--]varying . Which reminds me. Need to go visit #bookwarez...

After a few days on bookwarez I can say this... its ok but I think i have
striped most of the good links and reposted them over on the wsmf bbs
( check under the bookwarez topics)

Some of the people there are great, most are as usefull as hermaphrodite

For lit and the books of yore I think Guttenburg and the Emonks LIb I got
at wsmf cover it pretty well. Im working on building up the Tech doc
section of the new Emonks Technica Annex, so look for all your needs
threer in the future.

If you have a book, a doc or a tech man (or woman) in an E format, send it
my way and ill incluide it. If any of the illustrious authors here have
thier works for consumption, thiose are welcome as well. If you are an
author of a book i list and your pissed with me, just let me know before
(BEFORE) you sic some lawyers scum on my booty and ill C and D .

WE all got to help each other through this, what ever it is.

--]I wonder whether the copyright enforcement lobby has grown powerful
--]enough to start cracking down on this.

The book warez is still , probably, on the bottom of the lawyers radr.
theres tons fo press and money to be made with Music and Movies now.
Hurray for hollywood:)-

Im sure whent he pickens get slim in the strata of gltiz that we may feel
the snip snip of legal teeth on the posterior of these endevours.

Until then

Tinga ling

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