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From: Carey Lening (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 11:11:56 PST

The article itself was rather trivial, but notice now they have him with the
three name system that is used to designate serial killers and presidential

I wonder how many of these i've missed..

Man Indicted for Vandalizing Government Computers

BERKELEY, Mar 23, (NewsScan) -- Twenty-seven-year-old Max Ray Butler of
Berkeley, California, has been indicted on charges of breaking into and
causing damage to government computers belonging to such agencies as NASA,
the Argonne National Labs, the Brookhaven National Lab, the Marshall Space
Center, and various facilities of the Department of Defense. Butler (also
known as "Max Vision") has in the past been an FBI source, helping the
Bureau solve computer crimes.
 Source: Associated Press

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