Re: A CSS point of view.

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From: Lloyd Wood (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 08:09:46 PST

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Greg wrote:

> > Booklets? You means those things that crash my browser every time I
> > come across them? I haven't seen any booklets doing style/layout
> > customisation.
> How can they crash your browser every time you come across them? They are
> little embedded javascripts that are called on demand by visiting your
> own bookmark list.

or by entering them in the location bar. Either way, crash.
Netscape under Solaris - gotta love it. javascript: urls are evil.

> As to style/layout, that's what they were designed for.

Most of the bookmarklets I've seen deal with processing text
- passing highlighted text through as a query to a search engine, etc.

> Also, the
> most clever dynamic style/layout solution I can think of is
> They have a javascript engine that does XHTML rendering.

A company named after a bloodsucking parasite with no intrinsic
value. How apropros.

Insanely complex, too. Anyone writing a parser in javascript has to be
nuts. stackoverflow? well-named. But what a way to prototype new
browser functionality...


boggled. oh, and Mozquito's Asia demo just crashed my browser.

> It's the coolest and
> better than waiting for Netscape, Internet Explorer, and any other
> browsers to get their act together and grant you the privilege of
> controlling those things.


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