Fwd: New Tools Of Punishment: Backstreet Boys, Wayne Newton

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From: John Klassa (klassa@mail.com)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 06:01:56 PST

I love it! Wayne Newton as punishment.[1] In light of the recent *ster thread,
I can envision the kind of retribution the copyright holders might seek. "We'll
drop all charges if you let us replace all links with pointers to an extended-
length version of Wayne Newton's "Danke Schön". I can see Tom Whore pop an
aneurysm now... :-)

This brings to mind other tit-for-tat style punishments... "Pirate some
software? We'll give you a pirated copy of Win2.001k[2] and make you
use it!"

[1] http://rock.yahoo.com/rock/music_news/sonicnet/story.html?s=n/sonicnet/rock/news/20000323/20000323003

[2] I can't find the reference, alas, but early copies of Windows 2001
have made it out into the wild. Who in their right mind would want to
run an early, even-more-buggy M$ OS?

John Klassa / klassa@mail.com

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