Je ne suis pas la plume de ma tante.

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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 16:20:25 PST

[Our first niece... hmmm :-) -- Rohit]

No claim to fame.[0] Quiet, except when noisy & opinionated.[1]
Systems ronin, perennial consultant, now doing technical project
management.[2] Always a bridesmaid, never a programmer, except two wild
flings in my youth. [3] Hates little bios, since basically a lurker who
anti-lurks periodically. Likes hotsprings.[4] Mostly harmless.[5]


[2] The difference between "project mgmt" and "technical project mgmt"?
I still know enough tech to call BS on the architects when they do
something egregiously silly, or unmaintainable, or both. And I still
believe in obsessive detail.

Strata Rose Chalup []   |
Project Manager                             |     VirtualNet Consulting
iPlanet/Netscape Professional Services      |
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