Art? ... or art crime?

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 17:30:10 PST

My Dad (who is really into trains) pointed out a couple of nice (train car)
tagging sites over the weekend, with tons o' links off to other sites.

Of course, given that most of the works depicted on these sites are made on
private property of one sort or another, they do raise the question of
whether they are art, or art crime. And, of course, it's pretty easy to be
high-minded about this when it's not *my* property being tagged.

"This website is a visual representation and journal of the urban movement
of aerosol art across Canada. Bookmark this site now and check back
frequently for updates and other good shits."

Check out the "production of the month" on this site, and note the intricacy
of the design (likely done on a computer), the complexity of color use
(especially the fades from one color to another), the different brush
widths, and the fact it was performed by a team of (apparently 4) people. It
is hard to dismiss something so complex as just a bunhc of kids getting
loaded and spray-painting a wall to sound their barbaric yawp across the

"As of April 1999 Art Crimes has more than 3000 images from 205 cities, 43
countries and 6 continents. Art Crimes was the first graffiti site on the
net, and we're still the biggest..."

- Jim

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