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From: Ian Jacobs (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 07:46:38 PST

John Klassa wrote:
> Folks,
> I've established a goal for myself, for the next few months, to learn
> another programming language. I stopped learning new languages, for
> their own sake, a while back and am feeling stifled.
> Anyway, believe it or not, I never learned lisp (other than the smallish
> bits required to tweak Emacs :-)). I was always a scientific computing
> weenie (I started with BASIC, then went the Fortran and C route, with
> some Pascal thrown in for fun; once I discovered scripting languages, I
> pretty much never went back).
> It is my understanding that lisp and scheme are fairly closely
> related... Would there be an advantage to learning one over the other,
> given that I probably won't use either very much, but am learning more
> or less for the sake of broadening my horizons a bit? In either case,
> is there a standard book that one recommends when the topic comes up?

For Scheme, I think a very good book is:

      Abelson und Sussman H. Abelson, G.J. Sussman,
       Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs,
       Cambridge (Mass.) 1985, S. 1 Copyright
       1996-99 All Rights Reserved.

 - Ian

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