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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 20:22:39 PST

Which gives me the lead in I need to say that the Nextel i1000+ has a pretty
great form factor and the speakerphone is awesome. It also has a WAP
browser, which will provide access to full web browsing starting in April.
And, the push to talk feature is very cool if anyone else you know uses
Nextel service.
The only downside is the Motorola software UI, which sucks. But, I would
recommend it.

They appear to be doing some good packages now. See < <> >.

                - dan

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If the Sprint network is the one you want to use, the Sanyo 4000, available at Radio Shack, is the current "best". About 50 eBusiness reps were just hired at Sprint, including me, we've all decided that the Sanyo is the one. Smaller than the touchpoint and more reliable than the grey Samsungs (which have voice recognition but have reliability problems ala Motorola). The Sanyo is very very small, dual band, wireless web, very good UI, great battery. S'posed to be a new one out later this summer. I loved my speakerphone enabled Nextel/Motorola, but pitched it when I joined Sprint. DAB

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I'm looking for a new wireless phone. A friend recommended the Sprint PCS TouchPoint. He made it sound like "all that and a bag of chips", and it IS impressive. Anyone care to throw in an opinion/suggest alternatives? -sm

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