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From: Mark Day (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 07:38:59 PST

I was too swamped with the press conference and its aftermath to get this
story out before now.
The deal was the subject of a segment on Wednesday's "Power Lunch" on CNBC.
We were pretty excited.


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Leslie Fletcher
SightPath, Inc.

USinternetworking to Enhance Application Performance with SightPath's
Intelligent Content Delivery Products

WALTHAM, Mass., March 15, 2000 SightPath, Inc., a pioneer in the emerging
Web content delivery market, today announced that USinternetworking Inc.
(NASDAQ: USIX), the leading Application Service Provider, has signed a
multi-million dollar contract to purchase SightPath's intelligent content
delivery products. USi will deploy SightPath's content delivery products to
launch USiAccelerateSM, its accelerated application delivery capability
specifically engineered to give USi clients higher levels of performance.
Extending USi's Global Services PlatformSM (USiGSP), and based on
SightPath's content delivery products, USiAccelerate will increase
performance across all of USi's iMAP application services, beginning with
BroadVision for B2B and B2C clients.

USi will be adding SightPath's InternetDirectorTM products to its
infrastructure of Global Enterprise Data Centers for the purpose of speeding
up the delivery of content related to its application hosting business. As
the content associated with USi's hosted applications becomes richer,
SightPath's content delivery solution will ensure that USi delivers the
optimal user session experience by transparently managing a distributed set
of servers within USiGSP. This will enhance USi's industry leading service
level agreements (SLAs) and will enable USi to easily integrate rich media
types including streaming audio and video into next generation application

"USiAccelerate, based on SightPath's technology, brings USi's network to the
next level," said Christopher R. McCleary, USi Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer. "Clients will experience optimal performance thanks to the
capabilities specifically engineered to optimize application delivery."

Based on SightPath's intelligent Self Organizing Distributed Architecture
(SODA), InternetDirector allows service providers to deliver media from a
distributed network of servers located near viewers. This bypasses network
congestion points and dramatically improves Web site performance,
reliability, and the ability to handle unexpected peak loads and "flash
crowds." The solution incorporates centralized management of network and
content policies, automated content replication, intelligent real-time
request routing, and edge delivery under a global load-balancing framework.
SightPath's edge delivery nodes can operate from the edge of the service
provider's network, even on-premises, behind a customer's firewall,
redefining the edge of the network.

"We're thrilled to be working with a market leader such as USi," said Jim
Ricotta, president and CEO of SightPath. "Content delivery is a fundamental
component of any networked services platform and USi's implementation of
SightPath's content delivery solution will bring a new level of service and
SLAs to its customers, further fueling market demand for the enhanced
services they offer."

SightPath's content delivery solution differs from today's Web caching
solutions because it dynamically manages and globally load-balances large
networks of servers, or "content POPs." The software monitors network
performance, congestion and load, dispatching requests in real-time to the
best content source. This guarantees high performance, reliability and
content freshness.

"Content delivery, streaming media and ASP provisioning are three of the
hottest Internet topics today," said Peter Christy, vice president, Internet
Research Group (Los Altos, CA). "SightPath's InternetDirector product line
provides USinternetworking an "out-of-the-box," comprehensive content
delivery solution to quickly enhance application performance today and offer
new rich media services to its ASP customers it has all the makings of a
big hit."

The SightPath solution is the foundation for a robust content delivery
architecture upon which Internet backbone carriers, Web hosting providers
and Application Service Providers (ASPs) can offer high-performance services
at premium margins. These services can be built around accelerated static
content, massively scalable live and on-demand streaming media, and even
on-premises delivery of TV-quality video to enterprise customers.

About USinternetworking Inc.
USinternetworking Inc. (NASDAQ: USIX) is the leading Application Service
Provider delivering enterprise software as a service. The company's iMAP
portfolio of service offerings delivers the rich functionality of leading
software from Ariba, BroadVision, Lawson, Microsoft, Niku, PeopleSoft,
Sagent, and Siebel as a continuously supported, flat rate monthly service
enabling enterprises to rapidly and cost effectively deploy modular
eBusiness functionality with secure global Internet connectivity.

About SightPath, Inc.
SightPath, formed in 1998 by MIT technologists and backed by leading
technology investors Greylock, Intel, and Pilot House, is a strategic
supplier of Web content delivery solutions to Global 2000 enterprises,
network providers and content companies. Now recognized as a major wave in
the Internet's evolution, Web content delivery or content routing adds
intelligence to the network, routes requests to the best source, utilizes
bandwidth more efficiently and dynamically adapts to the changing conditions
on the network. The result is more reliable delivery of content, easy
scalability as needs grow, the ability to use rich media types, and most
importantly, the emergence of new Web services that blur the line between
television and the Internet. For more information visit

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