Re: [IRR] Web Brings Lambs to Slaughter, Making Rite Less of a Sacrifice

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From: Dan Kalikow (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 09:38:13 PST

(I don't subscribe to so I didn't get the entire article)

Hmm. <G> Before forking out any rupiahs, I'd want to know whether these
Radioclick folks have any PhotoShop hackers in-house. That "send a picture
of the animal taken before the slaughtering ritual, along with the buyer's
name hanging around its neck, to the buyer" phrase was a red flag to this
eCynic. It's getting way too easy to pull the virtual wool over the mouse
these days.

I'd want to order at least a couple of lambs and verify that they look
different, and to see a paper copy of today's Jakarta Times in the pic as
well... Wouldn't you?

And does the WSJ article say what happens to the animal after the
(pic-tastefully-omitted) slaughtering ritual? Does the rite permit
consumption of the sacrificial lamb, or does it prescribe burning? If the
former, it would seem a further fillip would be a pic of the happy needy
farmers and poor folks chowing down on lamb kebabs, each plate with the
buyer's name on a place-card... </G>


At 11:20 PM 3/15/2000 -0800, Dan Kohn wrote:
>This is so much cooler than
>Thanks to Indonesia's Internet expansion, residents of remote Indonesian
>villages can now order goat for delivery over the Web. A simple click

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