Web Brings Lambs to Slaughter, Making Rite Less of a Sacrifice

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From: Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 23:20:14 PST

This is so much cooler than http://www.proflowers.com:


Thanks to Indonesia's Internet expansion, residents of remote Indonesian
villages can now order goat for delivery over the Web. A simple click on
the site calls up the image of a healthy-looking beast the site says will be
delivered anywhere in the vast Indonesian archipelago within three days, via
a network of local farmers established by Republika.

The site now gives richer Jakartans -- and others -- the chance to do their
Muslim duty with ease, while helping needy farmers and the poor on
Indonesia's outer islands. As an added incentive, buyers receive a photo of
the animal they donated, by electronic mail, and a mention in Republika.

"For people who buy goats or lambs, we'll send a picture of the animal taken
before the slaughtering ritual, along with the buyer's name hanging around
its neck, to the buyer," said Fira Ramelan, operations director at

                - dan

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