Re: Worse is better

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 21:17:13 PST

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> The pattern is extremely simple, if you ask me. In each category,
> Marketing / Business Development is the key differentiator.

Yeah, that was sort of my working hypothesis for a long time, too. But as I made
the transition to "the dark side" a few years back, I had a realization: that
shouldn't, just statistically, be the case all the time. I can't think of ANY
situation where there's been two or more choices, with one the clear technical
winner (or at least, the "higher-minded" technical solution,) where the best
technology has won!!! *Not a single one.* I'd be *thrilled* if somebody could
point one out.

It can't possibly be the case that best technologies are always, inevitably saddled
with inferior marketing & bizdev, can it? Or if it is, why the absolute
correspondance? Why not a single tech with a superior marketing team?

All I know is I'm using PHP on the new deal to avoid this very problem. ;-) :-)


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