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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 10:47:25 PST

Why thank you! It's not quite all worked out yet, we're still
slamming code like mad, but we now have the chance to try and really
make something happen. It's fun watching the stuff trickle through the press
and see what exactly they latch onto. So far, the ComputerWire story
is the most accurate.

ComputerWire: Tadpole Technology Plc is effectively acting as a venture
capitalist with a $3.3m acquisition of Endeavors Technology Inc in a
move that chief executive Bernard Hulme describes as a major step in
bringing about the Cambridge, UK-based company's vision of the
m-business era.

Greg wrote:
> Dear Greg:
> I wish I'd been able to talk more yesterday when you called to burble. Burble
> you shouold--it's a great deal, great for you, great for Tadpole, great for
> the world (well, we'll see about that last bit) and the deseved consummation
> of years of hope and very hard work. Luck, they say, favors the prepared
> mind, which makes you one lucky bastard indeed.
> Once again, mazeltov.
> Tom

Greg Bolcer
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