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From: UArqf4hDn@vsmusic.com
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 15:13:18 PST

   ==> > *NEW TECHNOLOGY* for any Car or Truck! < <==

   "We won't promise you that you'll save thousands of dollars or that
    your car will have more horsepower.... WE'LL PROVE IT."

   Yes, you read correctly!!! There really is a powerful technology available
   that makes and engine perform better, produce more power and less
   emmissions while using up to 30% less fuel!!!

   Don't worry, this is NOT another junky product that you can get from a
   local auto parts store. We know what's out there and we see the
   ridiculous claims these backyard chemists make. After you get the
   results from these products, you'll reccommend them to eveyone you
   know, and we'll pay you for it!!!

   You get a RISK FREE opportunity to evaluate this incredible new engine
   technology. Plus if you make your order before our Internet promotion
   ends, you will get these products at HALF the cost they will be sold for
   on an upcoming nation-wide TV infomercial!!!

   The Kinetic Energy Formula and the Kinetic Octane/Cetane Charge
   will save you thousands of dollars...

     * You get more horsepower and
     * Better gas mileage.

   You also get this FREE report ...


   This FREE report and new automotive technology is a real threat
   to car dealerships and mechanic shops! Here's why...

   Are you sick and tired of losing money?

   If you are, this will definitely be of interest to you!!!

   + You can get up to 30% Increase In MPG!!!

   + Restored Horsepower & Compression

   + Completely cleans and optimizes the fuel system.

   + Increased Engine Life

   + Reduced Costly Repairs

   Listen to what the professionals say...

   "I build and operate competitive drag racing engines. These engines
   normally last six races. We treated an engine with your products, and
   it ran for two complete years (over 50 races!) without tear-down or
   engine failure. When we finally took this motor apart, the engine
   bearings still had part of the original protective coating. The cam and
   lifters showed virtually no wear.

   For years, I have searched for a superior lubrication that could withstand
   the extreme demands of a racing engine. That search ended with your
   incredible technology. I use it in both my racing and personal cars. You
   can't argue with success. The products work!"

   -- Andy Callahan Engine builder, race car driver & World Record Holder


   Test performed at BIMCO, INC. - Bingham Machine Co

   "I bid a job drilling 74,880 .052 diameter holes in aluminum plate. When
   we started this job we had broke off 4 drill bits in the plate in less than 400
   holes drilled. We thought for sure that we were going to lose a lot of
   money. At this time, we tried using your products in a spray mist on the
   drill bit as it was drilling. We successfully drilled over 74,000 holes
   without breaking any more bits and ended up finishing the job ahead of
   schedule. When we figured out our cost, we made about 10% over rate."

   "I drive a 1993 Lincoln Town car with a big V-8 engine. I have your
   products in it and get between 26-30 miles per gallon on the highway
   and 23-24 miles per gallon back and forth to work. I have four snow
   mobiles, three motorcycles, four cars, two trucks and 15 machines
   at my place of business that use your products."

   "I recently purchased a 1994 boat with a 454 V-8 engine, I have already
   started to use your products in it as well."

   "Your products don't cost us money, they save us BIG money!"

   Lewis Bingham President BIMCO, INC. - Bingham Machine Co


   "A customer of ours has an old Toyota pickup that leaked oil. When the
   oil level got low, the engine would begin to make a loud tapping noise. This
   was due to the lack of oil supply to the valves. After treating his truck with
   your product, he had traveled quite some time without checking the oil
   level. He had not heard the usual noise telling him the oil level was low.
   When he finally did check the engine's oil level, it was three quarts low!
   In addition, he had also noticed an increase in horsepower. Needless
   to say, your products quickly made a believer out of him."

   -- Glenn Mitchell - Business Owner SAV-MOR AUTO CLINIC


   "I have a 1986 Honda Accord with 100,000 plus miles on the odometer.
   This car formerly averaged between 37 and 39 miles per gallon. When
   testing your product, the cruise control was set at 65mph. My car increased
   to 45.7 miles per gallon. I have documentation which I'll send with my
   next order!"

   -- Norm Hoefs Business Owner - Norm's Foreign Cars North Dakota


   Look, you have a lot of money invested in your car or truck.
   You depend on your vehicle to perform everyday without any problems.
   Doesn't it make sense to at least take a look at some technology that
   could up to triple the return of your investment? (Up to triple the life of your
   car or truck!)

   It's no news to you that your local auto parts retailer has literally hundreds of
   car-care products from which you can choose. You've also seen the
   commercials on late night TV and you've read the articles about these
   so-called "snake-oil" sales people. Can you believe everything you see,
   or is it just a lot of smoke and mirrors, advertising hype and paid professional

   There are companies playing on people's ignorance of engine mechanical
   principles of how they work. These guys sell their junk to you by making
   outrageous claims of what their products will do for your vehicle.

   How Will My Vehicle Benefit From Your Products?

   It's been proven that 70-80% of the total wear in a car's engine occurs
   during the start-up. The oil pump can take as long as 3 minutes to
   completely circulate the engines vital fluids throughout the system.
   When you turn the car off, the oil drains to the bottom of the engine.
   This leaves very little protection from metal to metal wear when you start
   the engine again.

   Regular and synthetic motor oils will not stop this damaging wear from
   ruining your car's engine. Our technology protects any engine by
   creating an impenetrable barrier on the internal metal parts of the engine.
   With this technology, THERE IS VIRTUALLY NO WEAR!!!

   You benefit by getting extra power, better gas mileage and reduced emissions.
   You benefit by saving literally hundreds of dollars every year.

   Product Features:

      + Petroleum-based kinetic energy formula.
      + No Teflon or PTFE.
      + Completely cleans and optimizes the fuel system.
      + Rejuvenates - seals and gaskets.
      + Catalytic Converter Safe.
      + Maintain a "like new" engine in your Car, Truck,
          RV, ATV, Boat, Snowmobile, Jet Ski, Lawn Mower,
      + Less worry when you're alone on the road and away
          from home.
      + Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.
      + Substantially lower operating cost.
      + Increase gas mileage and horsepower.
      + Environmentally Friendly Products.
      + 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
      + Independent laboratory test verification.

   What Do People Say About Their Experience
   Using This New Technology?

   "In July, 1995, I purchased a 1995 Chevrolet Lumina Sedan. I had been
   assured that I would get 24-25 mile per gallon around town, and 29-30 mpg
   on the highway."

   "I added this incredible product to the engine, transmission, cooling system
   and power steering. I added the inventors racing concentrate to the fuel - 2
   oz. per ten gallons of fuel."

   "Near the end of August, we took a trip to Oregon. We averaged 50-55 miles
   per hour. During the return trip we drove a distance of 505 miles. Most of
   the trip back home we drove 65-75 m.p.h., with the air conditioning on at
   least 80% of the time. When I refueled in Provo, I found that we had gotten
   35.1 mpg."

   "Our average mile per gallon for the entire trip (including some city driving
   in Portland) was 30.25 miles per gallon using 85 octane fuel and the
   inventors racing formula."

   "We are sold on this technology. The products are money-savers."

   -- Robert V. Larsen Orem, UT


   "I have a 1994 Dodge Ram. It has averaged 14.8 miles per gallon for the
   last two years. After adding your product, my truck now averages 16.75
   miles per gallon. This means an extra 3 gallons of fuel savings every week.
   Needless to say, I am very impressed, and will be recommending the products
   to everyone I meet. Thanks for a great product!"

   -- Ken Strain West Hills, California



   You get a RISK FREE opportunity to evaluate this incredible breakthrough
   in engine technology. The Ultimate Car-Care package will give your car
   or truck protection to last up to triple its normal life. The Ultimate Car-Care
   package gives you peace of mind when your away on road trips that
   mechanically, your drivetrain is protected! The Ultimate Car-Care
   package saves you money at the gas pump by giving your car or truck
   up to 30% better fuel economy.

   Order Ultimate Car-Care Package today and you'll:
     * Increase the value of your vehicle.
     * Pay yourself with fuel savings with every fillup.
     * Get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

   The Ultimate Car-Care package contains:

   1 - Kinetic Energy Formula (A special blend designed for the engine,
   transmission, differential & power steering. Greatly reduces operating
   temperature. Power that was used fighting friction is now turned into
   kinetic energy providing UP TO 30% MORE HORSEPOWER!)

   2 - Kinetic Octane/Cetane Charge (You'll make money with every fill-up
   using the least expensive fuel and this product. Get better gas mileage
   and performance. Experience more horsepower for climbing hills and
   passing cars! It's like nitrous oxide for your fuel system!)

   3 - Waterless Ultra Shine (A specialize treatment removes oxidized paint and
   protects surface from the harsh road elements without the use of water.)

   4 - Leather, Vinyl, Rubber Rejuvenator (A specialize treatment that provides
   long-lasting protection from sun, dirt and other elements that take the life
   out of your valuable possessions. Will not attract dust or crack dashboard.

   5 - New Battery Technology (Get faster more reliable starts. Prevents
   corrosion and makes battery and cables last longer.)

   You won't find these products on any retail shelves.

   List Price $86.28 - limited time Internet promotion only $39.95 + S/H

   You save over $46.00 with this offer.

   Order by March 6, 2000 and you get these Special Reports...


                                  YOUR CAR OR TRUCK

                                  AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR CENTERS BUT WERE
                                  AFRAID TO ASK

   These reports are sold normally for $40 each. You get them FREE when
   you order the Ultimate Car-Care package by March 24, 2000

   These FREE reports will save thousands of dollars.

   Should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase of the Ultimate
   Car-Care package, keep these reports as our way of saying thank you for
   giving us the opportunity to serve you, and we will refund your $39.95.

   Order the Ultimate Car-Care package before March 24, 2000 and get all
   three reports, a $120 value, for FREE!

   We understand that not eveyone will want to spend an extra $40 bucks
   on their car or truck without first seeing our live TV demos.

   Not to worry, beginning this summer you can still purchase this exclusive
   technology from our infomercial program. This same package will be a
   great deal at $86.28 + S/H.

   DON'T WAIT TO GET STARTED... here's what to do:

   TO ORDER your Ultimate Car-Care package, simply print out the
   ORDER FORM below and fax it to one of our orders centers.

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                      - - - THE ULTIMATE CAR CARE PACKAGE - - -

   We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Checks by Fax.

   Put your initials next to the statement below.

   _____Yes! I would like to get better gas mileage, more horsepower
   and up to triple the life of my vehicle. I am ordering before March 24, 2000,
   also include the three FREE Reports:


   Send me one Ultimate Car-Care package today for a total amount
   of $45.90 (price includes S/H)

   *** For your security, the billing information MUST MATCH
   that on your credit card or we cannot process your order.

   DATE / / / (DD/MM/YYYY)



     - - OR - -

   COMPANY NAME__________________________________


   CITY, STATE, ZIP___________________________________

   PHONE NUMBERS ( ) ______________________

   YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS_____________________________

   YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AGAIN: _______________________________



   CREDIT CARD# ________-________-________-__________

   EXPIRATION DATE____/________ (MM/YYYY)

   NAME ON CARD____________________________________

   AMOUNT $____________________

   AUTHORIZATION SIGNATURE:_____________________________


   If you would like to fax a check, paste your check to the bottom of the
   your completed order form then fax it to one of our orders centers.

   If you fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original check.
   We will draft up a new check, with the exact information from your
   original check. All checks will be held for bank clearance.
   (7-14 days) Make payable to: EMG

   Fax Order Center: 1 303 265 9706

   We will get an incredible response to this offer and all fax lines may be
   busy, please, keep trying...you'll be glad you did!!!

   You can also mail your order to the marketing center:

      Network Innovations, LLC
      705 Martens Court, PMB 8-345
      Laredo, TX 78041-6010, U.S.A.

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   Opt-In Marketing Concepts, 2000

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