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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endtech.com)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 15:37:51 PST

For those of you that follow, Endeavors was acquired by Tadpole UK, a
maker of mobile, wireless, and Java devices. We've been in discussion
with them since late last year. It's not a traditional acquisition
in that we've combined both the funding and acquisitions rounds. Despite
that, it's such a luxury to have a secure funding, a whole management, marketing,
sales, and existing customers right at your fingertips in addition to being
able to piece a new one together.


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http://www.tadpole.com/press/corporate/031300a.htm For Immediate Release - Press Contacts

Bernard Hulme, group chief executive, Tadpole Technology - Tel +44 1223 428200

Hugh Paterson, Patcom - Tel +44 171 231 9300, Email hughp@patcom-media.com

Tadpole Acquires Mobile E-Business Vendor Endeavors Technology

"The acquisition of Endeavors marks a major step in bringing about Tadpole's vision of the m-business era," says Bernard Hulme, Tadpole's group chief executive

Cambridge, 13 March, 2000 - Tadpole Technology plc, the Cambridge based specialist vendor of mobile computing solutions for professional markets, today announces the acquisition of California based Endeavors Technology, Inc. for a total aggregate consideration of approximately $3,300,000 in Tadpole shares.

Endeavors was founded in 1998 out of research undertaken at the University of California, Irvine, into the use of the World Wide Web to support wide area wireless e-processes and e-services across mobile workforces and multiple organisations. Wide area e-process software provides the means to electronically hand-off (distribute, convey, transmit), route and track information to accomplish work activity between geographically dispersed work groups.

The Endeavors research project attracted, over some four years, approximately $4 million in funding largely from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In April 1999, Endeavors was granted the exclusive, world-wide, perpetual, royalty-free commercial license to the software technology developed by the Endeavors software project.

Tadpole commenced discussions with Endeavors in late 1999 in connection with its Tadpole-Cartesia business and J-Slate mobile internet device and concluded that Endeavors software had wide applicability beyond the Tadpole-Cartesia business and into the broader world of mobile e-business.

Some analysts believe that workflow technology or "e-process" will be core for e-business applications. Endeavors software technology has been designed specifically around open world-wide web standards and is suitable for wide area wireless workflow which can be used to automate processes between businesses and between various Internet-enabled devices. The software technology has applicability to e-business through streamlining electronic processes within and between businesses amongst both desk-based workforces and mobile workforces.

The acquisition of Endeavors will enable Tadpole to add new functionality to its Tadpole-Cartesia software and J-Slate internet device. Significantly, it additionally affords Tadpole an opportunity to enter the market for wireless workflow solutions within the e-business market with software technology designed to work across the Web and providing dynamic, decentralised and mobile business processes for the world's growing population of mobile workers.

Dr. Gregory A. Bolcer, chief technical officer and interim chief executive of Endeavors Technology, comments: "It is the conviction of Endeavors' founders and advisory board that Tadpole's expertise in mobile computing technologies and its focus on making mobile workers more in tune with today's anytime-anywhere business model is a natural fit for our e-business tools and technologies."

Bernard Hulme, group chief executive of Tadpole Technology, adds: "The acquisition of Endeavors marks a major step in bringing about Tadpole's vision of the m-business era." He adds: "With Endeavors components, executing a once complicated workflow process will become as easy as sending a document via an e-mail."

About Tadpole

Tadpole Technology plc (www.tadpole.com) is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (EPIC-TAD) with plants and offices in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bristol and Carlsbad (California). Its Tadpole-RDI hardware business unit is the global leader in portable UNIX workstations and servers and innovator of the world's first Java-enabled rugged pen computer. Its Tadpole-Cartesia software business unit is an emerging leader in enterprise-class mobile information systems for the world's utilities, telecommunications and public service industries that open new vistas for better management and productivity of field workers, lead to improved customer service and reduced operational costs, and enable user industries to fully capitalise their investments in corporate GIS and CAD data. Further information by email sales@tadpole.com.


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