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From: JS Kelly (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 02:01:46 PST

Most countries have an English-speaking ex-patriate community of people
from the US, Australia, the UK, Canada, etc. I don't know about (was it
Uganda?) but I do know that in other countries you can get ex-pats to do
things like proofreading much more cheaply than they'd do it if they were
at home in their own country. Offering a Peace Corps-like year's
living/working experience there might be attractive for some qualified
proofreaders as well. Work permits might be a pain in the neck -- but most
countries have a clause which allows foreigners to work there if they are
doing something that no local person is able/available to do. I always
had something about needing absolutely perfect knowledge of the English
language in my job description, and was never turned down for a work
permit (in Czechoslovakia).


On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Dan Kohn wrote:

> >I'd probably divide and conquer. Add a quality of service
> >and absolute privacy angle to it. Allow high dollar lawyers to
> >be able to send a 400 page manuscript out and have it proofread
> >and back before they get back from lunch. It's majorly people
> >intensive, mind numbingly long, but could be accomplished in
> >a short amount of time with scaling the number of people. Now
> >you're talking about high value services.
> Great concept, but can I hire you as a consultant to train my staff on the
> exact process involved in "proofreading." I'm concerned that it's too
> open-ended to guarantee that the lawyers are getting their value. But, I
> think we can definitely handle the privacy aspects so I would love to figure
> out an offering in this space that makes sense.
> - dan
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