RE: Am I becoming a language zealot?

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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 16:39:57 PST

Yes, but you see, I would rather program in C++/STL than
C, ASM, FORTRAN, Pascal... or most of the other languages
that were around when I originally learned programming.
It's hard to imagine going back to programming without
classes and interfaces and objects and a rich class library.

And as for C++ being designed in compliance with the
buzzword of the day... I'd argue that object orientation
owes more popularity to C++ than the other way around.
Language constructs for parallelism were also hot at the
time, and there was in fact a Concurrent C (basically
an Ada clone), but Concurrent C didn't go anywhere.
(Ironically, they are in Java... and I'm still having to
be convinced that's a good thing. I've live too long with
C Threads/Posix Threads and I have my favorite
idioms that just don't transfer well to Java...

- Joe

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> From: Adam L. Beberg []
> Congratulations! You have successfully detected that C++ was
> a huge hack designed by someone putting a square peg in a
> round hole to comply with the buzzword of the day.
> I'd much rather use any other language, even ASM rather then C++. Java
> has definately lowered the difficulty of coding, allowing many more
> people to write code. If this is a good thing is up for debate. Now if
> any of the other promises of Java held true... but it's hot
> and has lots
> of buzzwords.

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