Re: Am I becoming a language zealot?

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From: Steve Dossick (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 16:10:14 PST

It just gets worse. The other day I found myself debating, over beers
in a pool hall in Santa Monica, the merits of Java over C++ with our
company's Win32 C++ guru :)

Incidentally, if anyone else on FoRK feels this way about Java and is
interested in coming to the hottest new startup in LA, let me know. :)
_All_ of our server side stuff is done in Java, because we decided we'd
rather spend 30% more money on hardware (if Java was slow) instead of
30% more time debugging memory and pointer errors.


Steve Dossick
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"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote: > > The more I program in Java, the more I love it. I'm sort of scaring myself, > really. I find myself thinking, "if/when I change jobs, it's only going to > be to a place that uses Java, and NEVER to a place that uses C++". I know > this isn't rational. Or at least, I've spent my entire career looking down > at language zealots, and here I am becoming one. Is this just a stage that > will pass? Or does it just get worse? > > - Joe > > Joseph S. Barrera III > Software Architect > Broadbase Software, Inc.

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