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Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 05:15:51 PST

In a message dated 3/10/00 12:40:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, a smitten-with
-technology Adam Beberg gushes:

 I wonder how long your window of opportunity is. OCR gets better every
 day, and voice is doing the same. Better-Than-Human(tm) OCR is not far
 off with the dictionary and grammer checking. IBM has some smoking
 voice recognition stuff (in their labs) that makes my hearing seem bad -
 which it is... >>

"The notion, say, that managers communicate by barking unambiguous orders and
commands that immediately get translated into action is a joke. Monitor
yourself. I'll bet that well over half the time that you make a request of
someone, the immediate response you get is a request for clarification. The
overwhelming majority of the time, the human response to a request is a
conversation and an interaction, not an action. Sadly, the overwhelming
majority of voice-interface systems are designed in total defiance of this
easily observable, very human reality. Interface innovations that ignore
reality tend not to do well in the marketplace. "

Michael Schrage (Fortune Magazine, "Brave New Work" 03/06/00)

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