Re: Ars Technica Look At MP3 encoders

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From: Ian Andrew Bell (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 09:49:44 PST

For the record, all... I've deployed a number of the AudioActive Realtime
Internet Encoders by now, and am generally disappointed by the sound
quality of their encoder as compared to a PC playing the MP3 files directly
through Winamp/Shoutcast. I also spent a lot of money on conditioning gear
but I'm not really getting maximized quality out of the 56K stream.

That said, nothing beats a device that's rack-mountable, purpose-built and
that has a simple OS on it with no BSOD.

Note: I've got several Internet Encoders and several Omnia.nets on the
go. As a pure Compressor/Limiter/Gate/EQ/etc. the is a wickedly
cool product. Once I learn how to use it better I'm sure signal quality
will improve.


At 12:54 PM 08/03/00 -0800, Tom Whore wrote:

>I like ars, they are one of the few places that can lay down the specs and
>not dry them up to the point of becoming sleep aids.
>Thier look at Mp3 encoders is a great one. Give it w hirl.
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