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From: Steve Schear (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 20:35:17 PST

At 11:46 PM 3/6/00 -0500, Dave Emery wrote:
> If I may be a radical reactionary, I might point out that a lot
>of these pricing and service limiting issues would go away if consumers
>were billed by the megabyte transferred rather than being given a flat
>rate pipe with enormous capacity that they are expected to use but a
>tiny fraction of. ISPs pay by the megabyte for upstream connectivity
>now, perhaps it is time to recognize that one cannot give ones customers
>fatter and fatter pipes with no restrictions on how much they can use
>them without something in place to limit the traffic.

This is mainly the fault of ignorant and lazy cable ISP, esp.
@Home. Implementing even a rudimentary form of QoS/CoS and bandwidth
transfer limits/customer isn't all that hard via IOS. As you say, if such
limits were in place abuse would decrease, subscriber satisfaction and even
revenue would increase. Unfortunately, since the cable companies are so
inept they are awaiting newer, simpler, QoS/CoS solutions (i.e., DOCSIS
1.1) before such changes become widespread industry practice.


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