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From: Glen (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 15:00:02 PST

Dear Friend,

This letter is about an opportunity to make an incredible amount of
Money ( CASH !!!) in a very short time. The cost is only $6.00! Give
it a
try! All I did was follow the instructions in the letter that I

Here is a testimony from one of the thousands who have benefited from
this simple investment plan.

"I'm a retired attorney, and about a year ago a man came to me with a
letter. The letter he brought to me is the same letter before you now
asked me to verify that this letter was legal. I told him that I
review it and get back to him. When I first read the letter, I
thought it
was some off the wall idea to make money. A week later I met again
with my
client to discuss the issue. I told him that the letter will be all
I was curious about the letter, so he told me how it worked. I
thought it was a long shot, so I decided against participating.
Before my client left, I asked him to keep me updated as to his
results. About two months later he
called me to tell me that he had received more than $800,000.00 in
cash! I
didn't believe him so he asked me to try the plan and see for myself.

"I thought about it for a few days and decided that there was not
to lose. I followed the instructions exactly and mailed out 200
Sure enough the money started coming in! It came slowly at first, but
three weeks I was getting more than I could open in a day. After
months the money stopped coming. I kept a precise record of my
earnings and
at the end it totaled $868,439.00. I earn a good living as an
attorney, but
as anyone in the legal profession will tell you, there is a lot of
that comes with the territory. I decided if things worked out, I
retire from practice and play golf. This time I sent out 500 letters.
three months later, I had totaled $2,344,178.00."

"I met my old client for lunch to find out exactly how it works. He
me that there were a few similar letters going around. What made this
different is the fact that there were six names on the letter, not
like most others. That act alone resulted in more returns. The other
was the advice I gave him in making sure the whole thing was
legal, since no one wants to risk doing anything illegal. I bet now
you are
curious about what little changes I told him to make. Well, if you
send a
letter like this one out, to be legal, you must sell something if you
expect to received a dollar. I told him that anyone sending a dollar
must received something in RETURN. So when you send a dollar to each
of the six names on the list, you must include a slip of paper saying
, "Please add me to your mailing list" and include your name and
mailing address. This is the key to the program. The item you
will received for your dollar sent, is THIS letter and the right to

Follow the simple instructions EXACTLY, and in less than three months
you should receive MORE THAN $800,000.00 IN COLD HARD CASH!

1) IMMEDIATELY send $1.00 (US$) to each of the six people listed
START GETTING A RETURN! Wrap the dollar in a note saying

1. M. McCoy, 1910 Madison Avenue, PMB11, Memphis, TN 38104

2. C. Kolytiris 1312 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98101

3. Steve Werden 13625 55th dr se Everett, WA 98208

4. Chris Mcelhany 221 W. Mercer Apt #303 Seattle, WA 98119

5. Holly Ellingson 1451 E. Republican St. Apt #4 Seattle, WA 98112

6. J. Burke 22 Heron Place Rexford, NY 12148

2) REMOVE the NAME and ADDRESS NEXT to #1 at the top of the list and
move the rest of the names UP one position. Then place YOUR name
in the #6 spot. This is best done by saving this to a file and
your information on line #6. Be careful when you type the addresses.
forget to PROOFREAD them. Make SURE that the names and addresses are

3) When you have COMPLETED the above instructions, you have several
options on how you market the letter - through the Postal Service,
through E-mail, through posting in "FREE CLASSIFIED ADS" and
ON THE INTERNET, or through whatever way you think is most effective.

To send this letter out to thousands of people and increase your
profits, I suggest you use a Bulk E-mail company. They are fast,
effective and give excellent service.

This letter has been proven perfectly legal for all of the above as
as you follow the instructions, because you are purchasing membership
in our exclusive mailing list. The more you send out, the more YOU
will make. We strongly encourage you to mail this letter to family,
friends, and
relatives as well.

THIS IS A SERVICE AND IS 100% LEGAL. (Refer to title 18, section 1302
&1341 of the US Postal and Lottery Laws)

Assume for example you get a 8% return rate.

1) When you mail out 200 letters, ONLY 16 people send you $1.00

2) Those 16 people mail out 200 letters, (3200 letters) and ONLY 256
people send you $1.00

3) Those 256 people mail out 200 letters, (51,200 letters) and ONLY 4
096 people send you $1.00

4) Those 4,096 people mail out 200 letters (812,200 letter) and ONLY
65,536 people send you $1.00

5) Those 69,536 people mail out 200 letters (13,107,200 letters) and
ONLY 1,048,576 people send you $1.00. At the Next level your name
off the list.

Think about it. Look what you WILL have BEFORE your name-drops off
list! I know this looks and sounds unbelievable. Just try it, and you
be happy that you did because you will received proof when THOUSANDS
ONE-DOLLAR BILLS start to pile up!

***MAKE SURE you send One US dollar to each of the six names on the
list. (This is VERY IMPORTANT), with a note saying "PLEASE ADD ME TO

P.S. You've read this far, so let me as you one simple question,


Even with a 1% return you will still get $100,000.00 in 90 DAYS!!!
you can gain is an income, like the example in this letter. You will
have a
very small expense, but you will reap HUGE potential returns. What do
you have to lose? I invite you to JOIN our mailing list RIGHT NOW!

Thanks you for your time. GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES TO YOU !!!

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