Testicular Fortitude

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From: Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 15:21:07 PST

In the passing of time we realize that we are without certian voices we
came to look forward to.

Today would have been a great Byers day.

"Hell in a Cell WWF Championship Match: Triple H w/ Stephanie def. Cactus
Cactus had promised to climb to the top of the cell, but it seemed that
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had taken steps to avoid that situation, as the
door of the Cell had been bolted shut with several chains and locks.
However, a corner of the Cell busted open when Cactus Jack threw the steel
steps at Triple H. The two superstars battled outside the cage and on to
the announcer's table, where Cactus gave Triple H a piledriver. The
challenger tried to scale the cage, but Stephanie grabbed his leg and
pulled him down. Instead, Cactus grabbed a stick wrapped in barbed wire
and hit the champion right in the head with it. To escape further injury,
the badly-bleeding Triple H climbed to the top of the cage. When Cactus
came following, Triple H took the barbed wire stick and used it to knock
him off when he was almost all the way to the top of the cage! Cactus
crashed through the Spanish announcer's table, and began to bleed badly
from the head and arm. But Jack got back up and began throwing steel
chairs on top of the cell, where Triple H was still standing. Once Cactus
got to the top, Triple H proceeded to beat him repeatedly with the
barbed-wire stick. Once Cactus regained control with a low blow, he
delivered a suplex and a double arm DDT on the top of the cage. Then
Cactus took the board with barbed wire and lit it on fire! Cactus prepared
to piledrive Triple H on the flaming barbed-wire stick, but Triple H
countered with a backdrop that sent Cactus through the cell! Cactus fell
down onto the canvas, which broke under his weight. But Cactus would not
stay down! Once Triple H made his way down from the top of the cell, he
delivered a Pedigree and pinned Cactus to retain his title and, per the
stipulation, force Mick Foley into retirement. Medical crews tried to help
Cactus, but he refused and got up and walked out on his own accord, while
the fans chanted "Foley" and gave him a standing ovation."


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