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From: Dug Song (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 08:26:41 PST

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, John Boyer wrote:

> Is the cause of Freedom not better off in the long run?
[list of examples snipped]

a listing of brief documents to address the examples you list (grenada,
panama, etc.):

> On a side note, I think the self-hatred and self-doubt that fuels much
> of the anti-US sentiment within our own country stems from a moral
> relativism that suggests that we simply do not have the right to
> assert that our way of life is better.

assert, in what way? at whose expense, and for whose benefit (in practice,
not just in theory)?

there is nothing morally relative about a basic respect for human rights.

to claim that our historical injustices were justified by the actions of
our enemies is morally bankrupt ("well, he started it!"). the Soviets were
definitely worse, but what of it?

> It is interesting that you imply that intervention in Vietnam was
> wrong while the lack of intervention in Cambodia was also wrong.

inconsistent, anyhow - which should make you question why that was so.

> I mean colonialism as true stewardship of a nation, not intervention
> or meddling.

neo-colonialism via economic and political subjugation is colonialism just
the same, without the changing of flags.

> In all cases the peoples of all of these nations have lived this past
> half-century with more freedom and opportunity than they would have
> had otherwise. I think that says it all about "our way of life".

yes, now let's get levis and nikes on them, and they'll be real civilized



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