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From: Ian Jacobs (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 07:21:17 PST wrote:
> In a message dated 2/28/2000 8:39:07 AM, writes:
> >
> ><< You can blame Americans for being too compassionate, and trying too
> >hard to
> > impose their morality, values, and economy on everyone else.
> >
> > You can blame Americans for being too selfish, and exploiting everyone
> >in
> > the world and not caring what happens to them.
> >
> > What really surprises me is how many people seem to blame America for
> >both >>
> >
> They simply are twin manifestations (with similar language, different
> connotations) of a solipsistic sense that we're better--one that has some
> basis in fact, which makes it harder for us to shake and others to take.

I have a difficult time saying one country is better than another. I am
comfortable saying that one country exhibits more or less of some
quality than
another country, but such statements still seem to me to be so broad as
have only anectdotal value (e.g., over beers when travelling and meeting

Do you think that people in the US think *more often* that the US is
than other countries, or do people around think that about their own
and people in the US are more visible/vocal? "Blame" is a manifestation
of the
same quality in the blamers - a sense of superiority.

I don't think the US is alone in history in imposing its values,
language, culture, etc. through its economic strength. Or being imitated
the same reasons of visibility, perceived strength (and attendant
Should other countries/unions regulate the influence of that culture
(e.g., in
France requiring radio stations to play a certain percentage of French

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