Re: Napster - the quiet revolution

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From: Luc Van den Borre (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 03:12:01 PST

| A moderate connectivity (say, ~10), with each node acting as a relay,
| would allow each node to reach any other node within just a few hops

There's a file sharing app that works something like this:
They say it's open source, though actually only the UI seems to be.

'The FurySearch feature works in the following way. It starts a search on each of your online friends' machines, and
they start the same search on all their friends, and so on for up to 6 hops. With 6 hops, you can search potentially
millions of computers, instantly. In fact, all the results that come back are always valid, because they're generated
for you right when you ask for them.
[...]Tenebril has elected to introduce a new feature in the next release of FileFury. In addition to starting searches
on all your online friends, FileFury will also start searches on some number (say 5) of random online computers. No
matter where you are, or when you run your search, you'll get results, instantly. And, at each hop, the search will be
forwarded not only to friends but to five more random computers. So, for any search, you're likely to hit at least (5^6
= 15,625) over 15,000 computers. Instantly.'

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