CMGi to build a "global Web operating system"

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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 13:45:38 PST

Okay FoRKbusters, would someone please tell me what the fork David Wetherell
is talking about when he uses the phrase "global Web operating system"?

Also, since when is Engage a data warehousing company?

Oh yeah, when went from a $200 million market cap
in April 1999 to an $11.5 billion market cap today a mere 10 months
later by pitching its story to Wall Street as the data warehousing
firm that is inflicting on the world...

> CMGI iCast Unit to Offer Free PC Radio, Chat Software Monday...
> Andover, Massachusetts-based CMGI also expects to build a 'global Web
> operating system' that lets cell phones, hand- held computers and other
> wireless devices link to data centers for applications and data.
> Wetherell didn't say when the system would be ready.
> 'There's a need coming (to use applications via the Internet), as
> network appliances come on the Web,' said Wetherell, referring to the
> expected rise in wireless devices that connect to the Internet.
> CMGI plans to use data warehousing software from Engage Technologies
> Inc., an Internet advertising company controlled by CMGI, to build the
> 'Web operating system' service, he said.


Don't confuse arrogance with chronic correctness. -- Steve Williams

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