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From: Greg (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 08:19:05 PST

A quick look through altavista's +"old bits"
gave a couple of giggles from the old slogans. By the way, Altavista,
a CMGI company, now has a program where if you register as a member site,
you can earn up to $.03 per click to their search engine for embedding
their little html snippet in your site's page. I can only assume that's
why there's the AV box on [2] That and the other search
engine regularly turns up null, nitch, zero, nada on almost everything.
Given this fact, I think we can make ThosStew's punishment easy, a
playboy-esque-similar hidden logo on the front cover of Fortune magazine:
a 4 point semi-transparent "k" cryptically located somewhere on the
page in Comic Sans MS font.

Stick a FoRK in it -- it's DONE! [3]

Friends Don't Let Friends Post Old Bits [4]


Robert Harley wrote:
> Somebody using the handle "ThosStew" pretended they were sane long
> enough to type the following on Fri Feb 25 2000, which I will now be
> replying to:
> > [...] "Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis," [...]
> CobraBoy posted this years ago:
> and Joebar chastised him for sending "astonishingly old bits" even then:
> I think that cruel and unusual punishment is called for!
> Then again FoRK has been cruelly and unusually quiet recently. Don't
> look a gift bit in the mouth?
> Rob.
> ---- Who am I? ---- Why am I here? ---- Where is the chocolate? ----

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