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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 12:50:49 PST

Space Movie To Blast Off -- Literally -- On Mar. 31

Russian authorities said Monday that, contrary to earlier reports,
Vladimir Steklov has not been given a go-ahead to participate in a
Russo-British film, The Final Journey, that will be produced in part
aboard the Mir space station. Nevertheless, Steklov, an actor who has
reportedly undergone two years of training as a cosmonaut, told the BBC
Monday that he is confident that he will be joining veteran cosmonauts
Sergei Zaletin and Alexander Kaleri, who will be operating the camera
equipment during the 45-day production set to begin on March 31. At the
same time the Russian space agency also expressed optimism that the
production aboard the rickety space station will go ahead as planned. The
BBC quoted the agency's Alexander Gorbunov as saying that The Final
Journey "will focus huge attention on the space station, and of course
this attention may attract extra funding and sponsors, which naturally are
essential for the station's existence." The movie concerns a renegade
cosmonaut who refuses to return to Earth. The BBC said that Gary Oldman
and Sean Penn have been signed to play roles on Earth.

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