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From: v - Mark Kuharich (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 14:09:54 PST

Date: April 6
Time: 5-9pm
Location: Cincinnati, OH

Planning is on for an information session on e-Commerce/bleeding edge
technology for GE Aircraft Engines' CEO (rumored to be Jack Welch's
replacement), 15 VP's and 200 or so folks from their Six Sigma leadership
program. They are looking for organizations that want to have
booths/exhibits at this event to show off what they do. It's like a
convention, but there isn't a fee (although, they won't pay travel). They're
looking for groups with cool gadgets (ie, hand held GPS, etc), Websites or
web concepts. Do you know anyone who might be interested? It's great
exposure. Tell people to call for more information. They reserve the right
to choose participation. Remember they're looking for cool gadgets, sites,
concepts, software, etc. The bigger the Wow, the more interested they are.
Now, they are not offering to pay travel or anything, but if someone is
looking for exposure to an elite group, it's a great opportunity (especially
if they don't have to travel far) If you have any questions, please contact
J Guntrip at 513-243-7017

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