Nextel phones: finally going for broke :-)

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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 10:20:49 PST

I bit the bullet and picked up some Nextel phones for the team,
specifically Adam and Peyman. It's a pretty spectacular deal until
Feb 29th; I suspect they're finally going for broke on bumping up
the subscriber base.

* free inbound calls all year (not just 1st minute)
- I get to use this to get rid of SprintPCS -- their 10 cent
forwarding rate is just fine during the 'soft reroute' months so I
can inform folks of the new number.

* 10-15cents per minute; no roaming, no long distance, billed per second
- they basically met the AT&T plans head-on

* Free nextel-to-nextel calling in-region (the DirectConnect region
for LA, for example, goes out to Vegas, San Diego, and Santa

* $6 for voicemail and caller ID and so on. Nickel-and-diming, but oh
well. Text paging w/e-mail gateway included.

* and 1,000 free weekend minutes, *LD included* for $10 extra.

* and 40% off of the i1000+ handset, including speakerphone and
(soon) mobile IP drivers for $125 a piece.

Can't go wrong at these prices....


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