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From: Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 11:33:10 PST

My votes for best band names in this list "Kevlar", and "Rinocerose". :-)

- Jim

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***KUCI Top 30*** for week ending February 20, 2000

1. Luke Vibert "Stop the Panic" (Astralwerks)
2. Morphine "The Night" (DreamWorks)
3. Pan American "360 Business/360 Bypass" (Kranky)
4. Dreanged "III" (Listenable)
5. The Anniversary "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" (H&V/Vagrant)
6. Cabbageboy "Genetically Modified" (Ninja Tune)
7. Air "The Virgin Suicides" (Astralwerks)
8. Faze Action "Moving Cities" (F-111)
9. A New Found Glory "Nothing Gold Can Stay" (Drive Thru)
10. Two Dollar Guitar "Weak Beats and Lame-ass Rhymes" (Oil City)
11. Rx Bandits "Halfway Between Here and There" (Drive Thru)
12. The Black Heart Procession "A 3 Song Recording" (Up)
13. Gardenian "Soulburner" (Nuclear Blast)
14. Bernard Butler "Friends and Lovers" (Creation/Columbia)
15. Rinocerose "Le Mobiler" (V2)
16. Mount Florida "Stealth" (Matador)
17. 1.8.7. "The Cities Collection" (Jungle Sky)
18. Modest Mouse "Building Nothing Out of Something" (Up)
19. Kevlar "Let Me Worry" (First Time)
20. Sri "Gravity Reminds Me" (Blue Boy)
21. Ramsay Midwood "Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant" (Glitterhouse)
22. Millencolin "Pennybridge Pioneers" (Epitaph)
23. v/a "Om Lounge 3" (OM)
24. Kid Koala "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" (Ninja Tune)
25. Land of the Loops "Hurry Up and Wait" (Up)
26. Mary Lou Lord/Sean Na Na "split" (Kill Rock Stars)
27. On "Shifting Skin" (Astralwerks)
28. The Dead Lights "s/t" (Elektra)
29. Turing Machine "A New Machine For Living" (Jade Tree)
30. Rebaellin "Burn the Promised Land" (Connected)

**ADDS** for week beginning February 21, 2000

1. Jungle Brothers "V.I.P." (Gee Street/V2)
2. Bowery Electric "Freedom Fighter" (Beggars Banquet)
3. William Orbit "Pieces in a Modern Style" (Maverick)
4. Day One "Ordinary Man" (Astralwerks)
5. The Apples in Stereo "Look Away +4" (spinART)

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