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Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 11:13:39 PST

MS contingency plan:

> NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, the
> world's richest man, has bought an 8% stake in Newport News
> Shipbuilding, which supplies aircraft carriers and submarines to
> the U.S. Navy.
> The purchase, disclosed Friday in forms filed with the Securities and
> Exchange Commission, is worth $68.9 million at current stock prices and
> makes Gates one of the shipyard's two top stockholders.
> The shipyard, based in Newport News, Va., employs about 17,300 people.
> It is the nation's only builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers,
> which year the shipyard earned $97 million.
> ....

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<< If a company structured like this were to oneday find itself in a market
 death spiral for it's products, things could crash *particularly
 ugly*......or would the company actually find *itself* cushioned most of the
 way down?
 David Alan Boller
 Fountain Valley, CA >>

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