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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 11:57:31 PST

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
--]"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:
--]> Okay, well I would hate to hurt anyone's feelings.
--]> So if y'all have written a book and want me to buy it,
--]> give me the ISBN number and I'll fire off an order.

I have a Tech Writters credit in ISBN: 0 7894 1288 8
Dorling Kindersly's Internet book. Its probably way way out of date( I
worked on it back in 95-96) but it is one of the few publications with my
legal name (thomas Higgins) rather than my more used name (tomwhore).

You can take a peek at some pages from it over at

They probably fixed all my typos, damn editors.:)-

(i realy hope they update this thing, its woefully out of synch)
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