Re: Inspiron & Red Hat

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 13:23:21 PST

Tom Whore wrote:

> Mandrake takes red hat as a base and then does some very nice things to
> it. Security is one. With red hat I have watched countless new users
> install a totaly open system ripe for the kiddies to haxor. The three or
> so Mandrake installs i have seen, performed by near newbies, had a much
> tighter install.
> Its the little things that make the difference, Im sure you folks at the
> RH labs are workingon including these eatures into the next rev.
> Myself, im itching for beos 5:)-

I saw the BeOS5 announcement and went straight to their site. I was
*extremely* disappointed that 1) they are only at 4.5 and still charge $80 for it, and
when 5.0 comes out, it *will not* be the full version. They are keeping some
stuff back without actually saying what stuff they're keeping back. I remember
when SGI didn't include NFS into their operating system and wanted to charge for
it to be an add-on. I hate to think what the bizheads are going to try and
sucker people into paying for. They need to give it away for free now on the
Web page and always charge for the Cd. Have they learned nothing?


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