Inspiron & Red Hat

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 20:40:41 PST

Okay, so I've been through 3 versions of Linux this week. I finally
got rid of every single Windows remnant on my whole 8 Gig hard drive on
my Dell Inspiron 7000.
I feel so roomy. I feel bad about that bloatware crack now. Suse Linux
to Art is okay for a server OS, but has some cruft. Slackware is okay
for a client
desktop, but requires some know how and configuration. RedHat (which
Art installed
for me) plus the enlightment/gnome stuff is sooo cute. It's like a real
computer sitting
in front on you and you wouldn't even know it was an intel machine.
It's even cuter
on a 15" laptop screen plus DSL plus DHCP at work. Solaris and CDE was
never as usable.
I ran straight out and put Java, Apache, StarOffice, and a bunch of
other crap on it.

I am never going back and further, that RedHat hype? Their stock is
every penny.


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