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Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 06:21:49 PST

This was on Dave Farber's Interesting People list. Imagine the next
step--networking the EZ Pass reader. If you go through tollbooth A at 9:35,
then through tollbooth B, 30 miles away, at 9:57, will your Visa get debited
for the speeding ticket?

>From: "Matt Murray" <>
>I received this warning in the mail today. The GPS speed enforcement
>(like in the UK) is probably just around the corner. An FYI is that
>this particular toll has a speed limit of 20 mph. E-Z Pass is the
>system that has a transponder mounted in cars for automated toll
>collection (and speed enforcement, too!).
>It stated the following:
>Addressed to me (details unnecessary)
>"In applying for an E-ZPass account, you agreed to abide by the
>E-ZPass License Agreement Terms and Conditions. Among those provisions
>of the Agreement was that you must approach and pass through an
>"E-ZPass Only" lane at the posted speed limit and that failure to do
>so could result in the revocation of your E-ZPass Privileges.
>The Thruway Authority detected E-ZPass tag XXXXXXXXXXX (one of my
>tags) assigned to your account. passing through the E-ZPass toll lane
>referenced below in excess of the posted speed of 5 miles per hour.
>Tag ID / plaza / Lane / Date / Time / Speed
>xxxxxx 98 02N 11/08/99 12:48:07 33
>Please be advised that the next violation of the posted speed limit by
>any tag assigned to your account will result in the suspension of your
>E-ZPass account for 60 days. Additional violations could result in a
>longer suspension or revocation of your E-ZPass account. The safety of
>our toll collectors and the traveling public is critical to the
>Authority and to the success of the E-ZPass program.
>If you have any questions, please call 1-800-333-TOLL to speak with a
>Customer Service Representative.
>Violation Processing Center
>E-ZPass Customer Service Center"
>I suspect this concept will travel to the other states with these
>Welcome Big Brother!
>To add insult to injury, I asked for any other info since the incident
>was four months ago. and they said they couldn't look up any
>information, because their computers had been down since 10 AM (this
>was at 5:30 PM). They offered to call me back when the system was up
>and running. I hope it wasn't the same computer tracking me. And
>please no lectures about speeding (I'm sure the system doesn't allow
>for the different tire size introduced by snow tires).
>BTW, NYSTA = New York State Thruway Authority.
>Matt Murray

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