Re: FW: Internet SYN Flooding, spoofing attacks

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From: Mark Baker (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 20:34:32 PST

> As far as spoofing goes, in their SMURF mode, the only spoofing
>is the src_addr part of the ICMP echo that the slave systems send to
>their LOCAL broadcast address. That src_addr is the address of the
>system being attacked by ICMP_ECHOREPLY packets that simply consume all
>its bandwidth. Check out the analysis.
> Anti spoofing entry filters would have been of zero effect.

He could have at least pointed people here[1], where you can test networks
for their amplification ability. Beduin's host ( was used for
an attack in 98, and the recipient of that attack was kind enough to point
us there.



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